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The Meat

... is a huge part of our identity

The Meat

Telemachos Art Grill.

The restaurant starters come on a tray and the salads are as fresh as they get. Focusing on high quality meat from smalll farms, the menu is reassuringly straightforward. Delicious kontosouvli (spit roasted pork) and kokoretsi (seasoned offal wrapped in intestines), but also tender lamb chops, lamb skewers and lamb kebabs, terrific ground beef, delicious lamb and pork skewered on a spit set the tone.

Entrecotes, Rib-eyes, T-Bone steaks and the renowned Chateaubriand get the carnivorous juices running and the traditional lamb or baby goat pot roast make us proud of our heritage.


Our incredible range of flavours and textures as well as a vast wine selection with great prices guarantee a great experience.

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+30 210 807 4015
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